Welcome to Scott Gartner's Home Page

Welcome to my home page. I use these pages to explore whatever occurs to me as being interesting in the World of the Web.

Photos Direct to You

My public photos
Note that doesn't mean they in the public domain or are royalty-free.
If you would like to use any of my images commercially please contact me first).

CodeWright Extensions

I decided that since Borland wasn't going to keep supporting CodeWright it was unlikely that they would even do the half-assed job that Starbase did at keeping the extension library updated. So, I downloaded all of the extensions from the old site and put up my own CodeWright Extension Library. Please look through it and if you have any updates to the extensions on the site, please forward them to cwextensions@pingbot.com.  I don't personally use CodeWright anymore, having switched to Visual SlickEdit Pro years ago, so please don't send me "howto" questions about CodeWright, I probably won't be able to help you.

Links to articles and photos

Below are a smattering of articles, presentations, etc. 
  • HowTo
    These are howto pages that I created quite a while ago.  Some of them are still valuable and some are hopelessly outdated.  These were mostly written before "blog" was invented.
  • Eddie From Ohio Cruise
    In October of 2000 I went on the Eddie From Ohio cruise! Check out the wonderful music I recorded on the cruise and read all about it.
  • CodeWright Sort
    The sort pages are a CodeWright (used to be a terrific programmer's editor) extension that I used to sell as shareware and is still available, but is no longer supported.